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10 minutes a day? You got this.


brit-daydream-1024A few weeks before I moved from Denver to Dusseldorf in November 2014, I decided to press pause on my marketing biz.

A little voice from within said, “Brit. Look. If you don’t take a break from what you know… If you don’t fully immerse yourself in this new life… You’ll never leave your laptop. You’ll return to Colorado after this two-year stint and kick yourself for not trying something different.”

So, I did just that. And 100 days later, I rediscovered WHY we need breaks.

This “accidental workaholic rehab” radically shifted everything.

It made me realize how much I’d forgotten how to LIVE and just BE. I rediscovered my CREATIVITY.

In the process of doing completely new things (learning German, teaching English, eating in solitude, learning new ways of cooking), I was slowly but surely led back to that laptop…with fresh perspectives and a wild desire to CREATE. I had clarity. energy. focus. inspiration. For the first time in a LONG time, I was tuned IN to my mind, body + soul.

SO when I relaunched my biz, I got nervous.

There was no way I’d move forward without keeping my newfound habits in place. You know, things like:

…allowing space to daydream (which got the BIG ideas flowing).
…making love to my meals Eat-Pray-Love-style.
…NOT eating across from my laptop or with “an iPhone on the side.
not addressing work in every conversation.
…exploring the great outdoors.
…finding wonder in the smallest of things.

(One day, I spent two guilt-free hours just snapping pics of bees. LOL! Seriously. The LOOKS people gave me that day as I was crouched down in the grass on all fours? Let’s just say “not worrying what others thought of me” can be added to the list, too.)

I FINALLY realized that my well-being is my most important business asset, but I needed ALL the accountability.

So, I created a 10-day break challenge.

I had no idea how this would be received, but I just knew I needed it. Well, I wasn’t the only one…

Hundreds of people from 185 locations in 6 countries joined in.

The impact was unexpectedly AWESOME. Surveyed participants from the oh-so-engaged community proved that BIG things can come from starting SMALL.

met their pre-challenge intentions 97%
had changed perspectives + got out of their comfort zone 93%
got into break-taking habits 82%

It started as a social experiment based on break-taking, accountability and community. What it really was?! A GAME CHANGER.

Since that first challenge, I’ve been leading online programs, in-person workshops and even taking TBC into companies. Every single initiative just continues to get better and better. The feedback. The refueled productivity. The proof of what’s POSSIBLE.

So, in celebration of this first AHA-mazing year, I’m bringing back that first challenge that changed everything

Are you new to it? Here’s what it entails:

  • For 10 days, a daily Break Changer (an inspired idea for your mini break) will land in your inbox.
  • You’ll take it on for a MINIMUM of 10 minutes.
  • You’ll connect with participants in a private Facebook group.

The best part? It’s FREE! Professionals, moms, dads, biz owners, entrepreneurs, students…if you NEED a kick in the butt to get you taking more time for yourself, this is the place to start. Preview the 10 techniques.

the break changer