Break Idea: “Find Your Glass Canvas”

Break Idea: “Find Your Glass Canvas”

“Grab a marker and get over here, Brittany Johnson,” my dad shouted playfully from the living room.

I quickly dug through my art cabinet in the kitchen and grabbed a skinny, turquoise Crayola marker.

As I approached him by the window, my eyes widened and my cheeks gave way for a big, fat smile. He was pointing to a b-eau-ti-FULL summer moon and motioning for the marker.

What happened next blew my 7-year-old mind.

He started TRACING the MOON…on the window. (!!!) 

Not only was my dad rebelliously drawing on a surface you just don’t put markers to, but the outline of the MOON was actually surprisingly small.

This perspective was fascinating, disappointing and entertaining all at once.

“Your turn,” he said.

I stood to the right of his moon (much lower on the glass, of course) and started tracing my own. I, too, got rebellious. I colored mine in. 😉

Then, he got down on his knees and traced another.
Then, I traced one.
Then, he traced one.

Before we knew it, we had 20+ variations of tiny circles on the window. And before they knew it, they were wiped away. (Hello, Windex!)

Although these circles were short-lived on the surface, they were permanently pocketed in my memory like craters on the moon.

Something so ridiculously simple became undeniably memorable.

Something so “everyday” and “always there” (the window!) became a glass canvas for possibility and creativity. 

And all we did was draw small circles!

Imagine what could come of taking it to another level and tracing/drawing more.
Or even doing this on a regular basis.

Imagine what other everyday things might *also* become easels for creative endeavors or intentional breaks.

So, go ahead. Find YOUR glass canvas!

5-for-5 (6)


What could come of YOU “tracing the moon?” What does that mean for YOU right this very moment? Get your hands on a dry-erase marker or washable Crayola, beeline to the nearest strip ‘o glass and just. start. tracing.

This could mean…
…dotting the stars.
…tracing the trees.
…following moving cars/people with streaks of motion.
…tracing the lines of office buildings.
…writing hilarious thought bubbles coming from different objects/people.
…whatever you want the tracing to mean.

Why tracing?

:: It’s fun, boosts confidence, starts a conversation and uses both sides of the brain.

(Not feeling window tracing? Check out that link above for other ideas. Hint: Transparency paper!)

Embarrassed to possibly do this in front of others? Got an audience? Ask someone to join you. You just might bring out the 7-year-old in them…and you.

Speaking of KIDS…what a great way to have fun together in the house or even in the car. And tracing is a GREAT way to build motor skills!

You just might…

…shift your perspective.
…create your own inspired memory.
…have a new biz/work/life idea.
…find a new, favorite way to relax.
…make a new friend.
…discover a new way to hold meetings.
…find your next setting for a brainstorm.

What are you waiting for?
Find your window, yo!

Not feeling the tracing?
Try window DOODLING!

Why doodling?

:: It helps you concentrate, be more productive, keep you in the present moment, boost creativity + generate new ideas.

Need some inspo? These might get the window juices flowing…

Craving a little accountability?

Tell us how it went in the comments or come on over to The Break Changer Facebook group!

Happy Drawing,

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