the PLAYlist: Let’s get it started in here!

the PLAYlist: Let’s get it started in here!

Well, howdy, dance partner!
*virtual do-si-do*

Ready to *dance* along to the PLAYlist I’ve been drumming up?
Need a refresher on what the heck this is? Get down on it.

Then, put this song on if you want:
HandClap is my JAM right now.

SO…ready for the list?

In no particular order (Let’s put this sucker on SHUFFLE!), with full expectation that some “songs” may be deleted, paused, replayed, remixed or replaced, here’s what’s piquing my soak-in-the-moment SOUL right now:

  • spend tiiiime in Mayersche (my favorite book store). spend at LEAST an hour. get your hands on books, books and more books. just flip through ’em.
  • read/journal/write in Terbuyken (the cafe on the corner)
  • go to the Japanese Garden in Oberkassel
  • go on a PHOTO spree!!
  • make a collection of FALL leaves
  • take a shower at the gym/strip yourself of your comforts
  • dream up an event that is authentically you, then take some action on it
  • write postcards in a new place
  • have more impromptu solo dance parties 

Let’s STOP.
and DANCE…right now!
This song just came on the shuffle.

Let’s DANCE…or tap our feet…or full-blown dance…right NOW.


WOOT! Did that feel good or did that feel GOOD?

Back to it:
  • bring flowers to/get coffee with the old lady down the street
  • take a few days away from Facebook (This enables more PLAY!)
  • open a book to a random page, read a few sentences, and sit with it 
  • make more eye contact
  • go flower bombing!! (aka get a bouquet of flowers, walk around for a few minutes and give a flower to random passersby)
  • have a beer with the Iranian couple who own the kiosk on the corner
  • put on lipstick just because.
  • EAT the CAKE.


This is kind of an aggressive list. I’m not expecting myself to tackle ALL these things, but I know that if I don’t WRITE the things or “announce” the things, the less likely I’ll DO the things.

That’s how I roll. How do you roll?

What comes up for YOU as you read through these little things?

Are you inspired to write your own PLAYlist? If you are…just do it! Shake your thoughts onto paper.

Write the THINGS that bring you joy…
…the THINGS you’ve been meaning/wanting to do.
…the THINGS that take a FEW seconds or minutes but get pushed under the rug in the name of busyness, perfection or TOO much friggin’ striving.

Journal ’em.
Put ’em on the fridge.
Tell a friend a few of ’em. (Better yet, invite them to join you on one of ’em!)
Or even reply to me with ’em.

And again: don’t worry about DOING ’em ALL. 

I’ve got a feeling that just the act of writing them out will plant an intentional seed in your mindset to be a little more playful.

…to say YES to what moves you.
…to say NO to what doesn’t serve you. 

(I said YES to going to a Turkish bath house this afternoon. Eeeeep! This will certainly MOVE me out of my comfort zone. Stay tuned…)

What makes YOU move?
What “music” has been paused in YOUR life?
How can you flip the switch on your day-to-day routine with a little self-created adventure?

I’ll be pondering and dancing with these questions, too…

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