No time for breaks these days?
Wondering why your team isn't engaged?
Riddled with distractions + overwhelm?

It’s time for a Break Changer session or series!

Our fully customizable sessions help leaders and their teams to:

>>> boost energy
>>> spark creativity
>>> improve productivity

Think superfood for your business.

Below are just SOME of the session topics we’ve covered, but let’s face it: The possibilities are endless.


In this introductory session, Brit tells the back story of The Break Changer and the benefits of each activity from the first 10-for-10 Challenge. Get ready for shifted perspectives and stretching your comfort zone…because you’ll be trying some of these break-taking rituals as a group!


Sometimes the biggest catalyst of decreased energy or productivity is something super simple that we’re maybe unaware of. In this session, you’ll learn the science behind certain habits/rituals and be equipped with tools for starting/changing and keeping them.


It doesn’t matter if you’re making pencil erasers or selling yachts. If you don’t feel connected to the people around you, your happiness + productivity greatly suffer. This session will get you laughing, storytelling and bonding in ways that will connect and energize you.


It’s time to ditch the old way of brainstorming: A late afternoon in front of the white board with too many interruptions and one or two people dominating the convo. In this session, you’ll learn how to generate more ideas in less time while giving everyone a voice. Boom.


Fear. Everyone has fear. It’s as common as the air in our lungs, but it’s what we DO with that fear that matters…especially the fear of failure. You’ll learn how failure actually fueled some of the MOST successful people in the world and how you can apply this to your own goals and ambitions.


The secret to accomplishing more is to actually focus on less. The more we can limit our choices and what’s on our to-do list, the more freedom we’ll experience in our daily lives. In this session, you’ll learn how to clear the noise, prioritize what matters and stop procrastinating!


Our daily lives are riddled with distractions, but they don’t have to be. In this session, you’ll learn science-backed, super easy tricks that will boost your focus and productivity tenfold. You’ll knock so much out it’ll feel like magic.


What’s the deeper WHY for everything you’re working on? What will keep you going when times get tough? Do you have a framework or visual you can refer to regularly? In this session, we’ll address all these questions while getting hands-on and creative.


It’s impossible not to compare our lives or skills to others when we’re bombarded daily by certain images of success. But this is the stuff that self-doubt feeds on. In this session, we’ll address our “inner critic” and self-perceived realities through some surprise activities!


Why are kids bursting with creative energy ALL the time? One theory: They haven’t yet learned the fear of criticism or embarrassment from failure. And even though play is perceived as petty and unproductive by most adults, it’s actually just as pivotal…especially in the workplace. In this session, you’ll learn why.


What if we all listened as well as dogs do? 😉 Oh, listening. So simple, yet so overlooked as one of the KEY ways we’re failing to communicate. In this session, you’ll learn (and practice) various techniques that could be game-changers for your professional and personal relationships.


Did you know that before bamboo even starts to emerge from the soil, it takes four years for its roots to…get ready for this pun…get grounded? THEN, once it starts growing, it can grow up to 80 feet in six weeks. In this session, we’ll explore patience and the power of slow mastery.

How does it work?

  • Step 1: (free consultation!) We discuss your needs and if we’re a good fit.
  • Step 2: We create a custom series of sessions or intensive workshops, and/or an online program for connection + guidance in-between. Again, we’re leaving this step quite broad, because the key to REAL impact is mega customization. We got you.
  • Step 3: Surveys, interviews + shadow sessions are conducted to get a feel for your habits, office culture, communication styles, etc.
  • Step 4: The FUN and impact begins!

“Our daily accelerator life is usually hectic and packed, with even no time for a proper lunch sometimes. Then Brit stepped into our life. Through The Break Changer series for our startups and core team, she designed 10 different sessions for us (how to reduce stress before pitches, how to re-prioritize our to-do lists, etc.) and really took the time to understand the startup needs. Brit did that with so much enthusiasm and positive energy that I just loved being around her. She had a hard time getting our startups and internal team going. Read above: we think there is not time for lunch ;-). BUT she never gave up. Talking, being and working with Brit was always fun and most of all, very productive. I always felt as if Brit really, really understood what we needed.”

Inga Land, Community & Marketing Management, E.ON :agile accelerator


“From the beginning, I was blown away by Brit’s positive energy, strong will to deliver extraordinary results and her view beyond the horizon. She really has a way with people. I don’t know how she does it. Through her writing, presenting and facilitating, she has a presence that’s trustworthy, genuine and captivating. We’ll miss having her here to re energize our CEOs and even our visitors. Brit is hands down one of the most positive, happiest people I have ever met. Her energy is contagious.”

Peter Hornik, Founder/Managing Director at 1st Mover, Business Mentor at E.ON agile accelerator


“During my participation in :agile’s accelerator program, I always looked forward to Brit’s sessions. They were good opportunities to take breaks from the hectic startup life. I realized that even if time is tight, I *have* to take breaks, because afterwards, I’m more concentrated, creative and energized. I took a lot of good ideas with me which are now part of my daily routines. For ex: I always kept my mobile near my bed and checked emails, WhatsApp and Facebook the second my eyes were open. Now, I have a look at my wonderful new drawing of a duckling, I smile, and my mornings are more intentional.”

Simone Kunisch, IT expert for E.ON and blogger at Totally-London.net


“I never thought that I would forget to make my own breaks in busy times, but I’ve come to this point — and Brit’s sessions are a breath of fresh air. Through her presentations, activities and positive energy, she helps me see things in new ways. Impossible projects feel possible, and what’s most important to me becomes clear. She also reminds me to breathe, take time for the ‘little things’ and come to inner silence. I always leave feeling energized and lighter. She does a great job.”

Heike Rode, co-founder of CRing


“I liked Brit’s sessions! They were very interesting. Before them, I wasn’t convinced that taking time away from my work would actually improve it, but now I’ve realized that if I actually make time for myself and well-being, I’ll have more energy and discover new ideas.”

Soós Bianka Mercédesz, Founder, EasyCheck


“The Break Changer is a game changer for those sluggish afternoons at the office!! Brit gave us the opportunity not only to connect with our fellow colleagues in fun, new ways, but she challenged us to take a second, sit back, and reflect on some of the most amazing experiences in our lives. THAT is something I’ll start doing more often.”

Dana Cannam, Founder and Creative Director, Qmod