Hi! I’m Brit. I’m a biz owner, word churner, productivity coach and creator of The Break Changer®. I’m also a recovering workaholic. I’ve been to burnout hell and back…and almost back again.

I know exactly what it’s like…
…to never know when to stop.
…to never feel like you’re enough.
…to feel slave to your inbox.
…to check email at stoplights.
…to lose your identity in your work.
…to wonder why your family’s not asking you about work.
…to do a LITTLE for a LOT of people because you don’t know how to say no.
…to fear moments where there’s nothing to do.
…to unknowingly distract yourself from the reality of your REAL life.

However, I also know what it’s like to live with more acceptance, vulnerability, awareness and freedom. I know what it’s like to bask in CREATIVE FREEDOM, both personally and professionally.

In the past six years, I’ve slowly learned how to bounce back, build healthier rhythms and change the way I see everything.

Here’s the TBC story in a nutshell:

When my husband’s job planted us in Dusseldorf, Germany, in November 2014, I decided to press pause on Brit Stueven PR for a bit. I’d never lived outside of the States, so I craved total European immersion.

In the process of being “stripped of my identity” and trying new things (teaching English, learning German, stretching my taste buds, lying in the grass, taking endless pictures of nature and then some), I rediscovered why we NEED breaks.

This “accidental workaholic rehab” was a BREAKTHROUGH.

It not only taught me how to live again, but it showed me that the way I was living + working in Denver was unknowingly flirting with the same burnout I experienced six years prior.

In 2010, I fell asleep at the wheel on my way to work, got BACK in my nearly totaled car and STILL. drove. to. work.

Praise God for my survival, my colleagues (who encouraged me to finally seek help), and for the medical leave I was able to take.

Never did I think I’d fall into that workaholic rut again. But old habits have a way of seeping through the cracks, so when I relaunched my biz, I was nervous.

I desired more accountability + conversation around self-care and slowing down. (I mean, think of all the stuff that surfaces when you finally stop + sit with our own thoughts. THAT is when the AHAs happen. Not when you’re staring into a screen…)

That’s where The Break Changer: 10-for-10 Challenge came in.

In June 2015, over 300 people in 185 locations around the world joined me in this 10-day challenge. Each day, participants were nudged to take a 10-minute break. From daydreaming to lying on the ground to eating without a device on the side, peeps were encouraged to take these science-backed pauses, then come back + talk about it.

Not only was I coaching people without realizing it (and LOVING it), but surveyed participants proved that this truly helped them.

  • 97% met their pre-challenge intentions.
  • 93% said this got them out of their comfort zone AND refueling their perspectives, both in large and small ways.
  • 82% got into break-taking habits.
  • 74% had at LEAST 3 AHA moments. Many participants lost count.
  • 65% said their breaks went longer than 10 minutes.
  • 47% noted that the community was one of their favorite parts. They got tons out of sharing and reading others’ stories.
  • 45% didn’t post a word but still got tons out of reading others’ experiences. It made them see that they’re not alone. They realized we share more of the same struggles than we think.

It started as an experiment based on break-taking, accountability and community. What it really was?! A GAME CHANGER.

Since that first challenge, I’ve worked with 1,000+ people in over 25 countries on rethinking their work-life rhythms + perspectives.

Through online programs, in-person workshops and group sessions with companies, it is my MISSION to help people change (and embrace!) how they’re living, working, communicating, and most importantly, treating themselves.

Everything starts with us, and BIG stuff comes from starting SMALL.

It’s AHA-mazing!! But that’s just my perspective.

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